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NCSTAR Shotgun Scabbard, Green, Nylon, 29" Length, Six Metal D-Ring locations, Includes Padded Shoulder Sling CVSCB2917G
4.5 out of 5
$ 24.29
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Thu May 30 - Sat Jun 01
43 in Stock
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1 unit:   $10.00
3 units: $10.00
Scabbard Type Variation
Purchased together
$ 24.29
Est delivery:
Thu May 30 - Sat Jun 01
43 in Stock
Est. Shipping:
1 unit:   $10.00
3 units: $10.00
Free 3-5 Day Shipping on Orders Over $350
Detailed info

When purchasing NCSTAR or any other brand from store, you can be sure that (a) you are purchasing from US based company with the most responsive and friendly customer service; (b) an authentic, not a counterfeit and not a refurbished product.

The NCSTAR Shotgun Scabbard CVSCB2917G is a type of carrying case designed to hold a shotgun. It is made from nylon material and comes in a tan color. The scabbard is 29 inches in length and features six metal D-ring locations, which can be used to attach various accessories.

The scabbard also includes a padded shoulder sling, which can be used to carry the shotgun more comfortably. This sling is adjustable, allowing the user to customize the length to their specific needs.

In addition to its length, metal D-rings, and padded shoulder sling, the NCSTAR Shotgun Scabbard has a few other features worth mentioning:

  1. MOLLE webbing: The scabbard features MOLLE webbing on the front and back, which allows the user to attach additional MOLLE-compatible accessories or pouches for extra storage.

  2. Hook-and-loop panel: The scabbard has a hook-and-loop panel on the outside of the scabbard, which can be used to attach patches, name tapes, or other identifiers.

  3. Dual zippers: The scabbard has dual zippers that run the full length of the scabbard, allowing for easy access to the shotgun and making it easy to open and close the scabbard with one hand.

  4. Adjustable retention strap: The scabbard features an adjustable retention strap to secure the shotgun in place and prevent it from shifting during transport.

  5. Reinforced spine: The scabbard has a reinforced spine to help protect the shotgun from bumps and impacts during transport.

Without a doubt, the NCSTAR Shotgun Scabbard is a durable and convenient option for transporting a shotgun, whether for hunting, range shooting, or other activities that require safe and secure firearm transport.

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Product Highlights
  • MOLLE Webbing on Both Sides
  • Adjustable Retention Strap
  • Padded Shoulder Sling

Product Specifications
  • Manufacturer
    : NcSTAR
  • Manufacturer Part Number
    : CVSCB2917G
  • Model
    : Shotgun Scabbard
  • Size
    : 29"
  • Type
    : Bag
  • Sub Category
    : Rifle Cases
  • Color
    : Green
  • Material
    : Nylon
Other Information
  • Est Delivery: 3 to 5 business days
  • Returns: 30 day returns
  • Delivery Area: Within Continental US
  • Payment methods: Payment methods
  • New payment method:
    Now accepting PayPal
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