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Birchwood Casey Aluminum Black, Touch Up Pen BC-15121
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Free 3-5 Day Shipping on Orders Over $350
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When purchasing Birchwood Casey or any other brand from eGoods365.com store, you can be sure that (a) you are purchasing from US based company with the most responsive and friendly customer service; (b) an authentic, not a counterfeit and not a refurbished product.

Birchwood Casey Aluminum Black Touch Up Pen BC-15121 is a product designed to restore the color of aluminum surfaces that have been scratched or damaged. This product is ideal for use on firearms, auto parts, and other aluminum surfaces.

The Aluminum Black Touch Up Pen features a fine tip applicator, allowing you to easily apply the product precisely where it's needed. The formula is designed to bond with the aluminum, creating a long-lasting black finish.

To use the product, you will need to first clean the surface of any dirt, oil, or other contaminants. Then, shake the pen well and apply the Aluminum Black to the damaged area, using the fine tip to ensure precise application. Allow the product to dry completely before handling.

It's important to note that the Birchwood Casey Aluminum Black Touch Up Pen is intended for use on aluminum surfaces only and may not work effectively on other materials.

*** For the bluing on non-aluminum surfaces - use  fast-acting B/C PERMA BLUE LIQUID - click here

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Product Highlights
  • An easy to use pen applicator
  • Restores scratched and marred areas quickly
  • Fast-acting liquid is easy to apply with no dimensional change
  • Also used for blackening name plates, plaques, trophies and other engraved items
  • Easy to store and apply

Product Specifications
  • Description
    : Touch Up
  • Manufacturer
    : Birchwood Casey
  • Manufacturer Part Number
    : BC-15121
  • Model
    : Aluminum Black
  • Packaging
    : Blister Card
  • Type
    : Pen
  • Sub Category
    : Solvents & Lubricants
Other Information
  • Est Delivery: 3 to 5 business days
  • Returns: 30 day returns
  • Delivery Area: Within Continental US
  • Payment methods: Payment methods
  • New payment method:
    Now accepting PayPal
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